Our Appraisal Process


checkmark Free Consultation

If it has wheels: iron, rubber or steel we’ll look at it and if we feel it is beyond our expertise we’ll gladly do all we can to help you find the right appraiser to meet your needs.

checkmark Physical & Visual Evaluation

Equipment visual inspection and or testing is a standard part of our physical evaluation and this will include the engine, transmission, generator when present, appliances, slides, steps, and levelers.*Any noticeable component that is non-operational or missing during the inspection will be referenced in the final appraisal report.*

checkmark Photos

Photos will include both interior and exterior condition, data plates, the engine, drive-train and generator whenever accessible will be photographed or documented.

checkmark Data Research

We will review our data base for previous sales or insurance payouts, when necessary we’ll perform Internet research and consult with other subject matter experts or dealers to determine the best & highest valuation for your vehicle. Rarely do we rely on published documentation to determine values, these sources are usually outdated way before they are published.

checkmark Appraisal Documentation

After the vehicle evaluation, photos, research and or expert consultation we will document & generate your final appraisal report.

checkmark Final Report & Certified Appraisal

In your final report you will receive written documentation which includes the VIN number, current mileage, recorded hours of vehicle & generator operation if available, and overall condition of the vehicle. It will also include the appraiser’s credentials and color photos.  This documentation will be provided to you in PDF format. *You are responsible for sending your Certified Appraisal report to your lender or insurance company.*

Our appraisals are written to follow the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practices (USPAP) which is the only acceptable form of appraisals which meets the needs of the US court systems, insurance and or banking industry. Certified appraisals are only valid for the party initiating the appraisal order and can be utilized to obtain a bank loan or for securing agreed value insurance coverage.